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Some Answers to Your
Frequently Asked Questions

A) Yes! We work on all makes and models, foreign and domestic.

A) No, you may stop by during our business hours whenever it’s convenient for you.

A) On average, it takes 15 – 20 minutes. Times vary depending on the extent of the damage to the vehicle.

A) Nebraska law does not require a party to get more than one estimate. Choose the repair shop of your choice and have an estimate prepared. If repairs are to be handled under an insurance claim, sometimes the insurance company will write their own estimate. After the insurance company has prepared their estimate, take it to the shop of your choice for repairs.

A) Yes, you can have your vehicle repaired at Dingman’s. By law, where you take your vehicle is your choice. It is illegal for the insurance company to direct you to go to one of their “preferred” or “network” shops. This practice is called “steering,” and it’s against the law. If you feel like the insurance company is pressuring you against your will, please contact us. We can assist you in dealing with the insurance company and getting your vehicle properly repaired.

At Dingman’s, we work for you, not your insurance company.

A) At Dingman’s we try to write the most complete estimate possible the first time, and the insurance company may have only written the most obvious damage. Please bring the insurance estimate in with you and we will go over the differences with you. If necessary, we will have the adjustor come out to go over the required repairs that were not included in their original estimate. Dingman’s will work with the insurance company to get all repairs completed properly. The estimate difference will be paid for by the insurer; you will incur no out of pocket expenses for related damages.

A) Only if you have rental car coverage on your policy. Car rental insurance is not usually a large expense to add to your policy, however not having it can turn into a large expense. Check with your agent to find out if you have rental coverage on your policy, and if not, how much it would be to add. If you are a claimant against another party, it is required for them to provide you with a rental vehicle by state law.

A) Dingman’s is happy to assist you in reserving a rental vehicle. We have rental facilities on site, so there is no need to make a second trip. Simply pick up your rental when you drop off your vehicle for repairs, and return it when repairs are completed.

A) Your deductible is paid directly to Dingman’s Collision Center; it is due upon the completion of repairs.

A) We have a nationwide written warranty on our repairs. It is a lifetime warranty on paint and workmanship and manufacturer warranty on all parts.