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Are you looking for Auto Body Paint in Omaha? Head over to Dingman’s, where they use AkzoNobel’s Automatchic Vision. A revolutionary digital system allows our Refinish Paint Technicians to precisely match the existing color on any vehicle.

Auto Body Paint – Omaha Color Matching:

  • Auto paint color match, Automatchic Vision digital color matching, Computer mixing, enables edge-to-edge repairs.

  • Excellent auto paint coverage with ease of blending for invisible repairs.

  • Low paint solvent emissions, less harmful to the environment, almost odorless.

  • AkzoNobel Autowave paint is committed to being environmentally friendly. Autowave offers the best waterborne refinish system available.

Our advanced system consists of two key elements: Automatchic Vision – AkzoNobel’s hand-held device that digitally analyzes auto body paint color; and Automatchic Smart Search – auto body paint color retrieval software that provides the optimum paint matching color formulas. The digital technology guarantees a precise, reliable automotive paint color match, even on curved vehicle parts. Auto body paint Omaha color readings obtained using Automatchic Vision are easily translated to get the best matching paint formula.

Paint colors are getting more complicated. Because special effects such as metallics and pearlescent can be challenging, Automatchic Vision ensures an optimum vehicle paint color match while minimizing paint use, reducing waste, and saving valuable time.

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    Auto Body Paint Omaha


    We utilize GFS downdraft spray booths at every location. Automotive paint booth technology leader Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) manufactures high-performance auto body paint booths and finishing equipment for collision centers.

    GFS is dedicated to energy-efficient “green” solutions, such as the LOGIC control panel with SmartCure and the AdvanceCure System. Lowering energy costs and reducing the environmental impact of the automotive paint refinish processes.

    Auto Body Paint Omaha

    Our Downdraft Auto Body Paint Booths


    Downdraft, Semi-Downdraft, Side Downdraft, and Crossdraft automotive paint booth — Which is better? Which one do I want my vehicle painted in?


    It’s always good to educate yourself on the equipment, training, and environmental standards of the body shop you choose to repair your vehicle. The following are the most common types of spray paint booths used today.


    Downdraft, semi-downdraft, side-downdraft, and cross-draft are all airflow styles in a paint booth. Downdraft is the best.

    Auto Body Paint Omaha
    Air flows vertically from the ceiling intake plenum at the top of the booth, over the product, and into the filtered exhaust pit in the floor. It’s then exhausted safely into the atmosphere.
    Air enters the booth through a full-length ceiling plenum and flows downward over the product. When the air reaches the floor, it is pulled into the floor-level filtered exhaust plenums on each side of the booth, and exhausted into the atmosphere through ducting.

    Air is introduced to the booth through the ceiling in the first 25-30% of the booth. The exhaust fan continues to pull the air through the working chamber, causing the air to change directions and become parallel to the floor. Air is then drawn over the product, through the exhaust chamber at the booth rear, and vented to the atmosphere through ducting.

    Air is pulled through one end of the booth from the shop or plant. The air flows parallel to the floor, over the product, and into the filter bank on the opposite side of the booth. The filter bank captures particulate, and the air is exhausted into the atmosphere though ducting.
    Auto Body Paint Omaha

    An auto body paint booth with downdraft airflow is the best type for controlling overspray and contamination. It also provides a safe, clean environment to paint your vehicle.

    Downdraft spray paint booths bring air through the filtered ceiling and down through the floor filters into an exhaust chamber, exhausted and free of hazardous particles. Also, Dingman’s Auto Body Repair Omaha has GFS recirculation in every spray paint booth. With recirculation, 80% of the air is pulled through the filters and back into the air replacement unit. Then, the air is combined with 20% fresh air, reheated, and returned to the working chamber. The ability to recirculate the heated air rather than heat the ambient air dramatically saves energy and fuel costs, diminishing the environmental effect.

    Downdraft paint booths provide the cleanest finish, and Dingman’s in Omaha is providing these benefits to each of our auto body paint Omaha customers.

    Dingman’s Collision Uses Eco Friendly Paint

    Paint Serving You and Our Environment

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    Dingman’s Collision Center believes serving customers like you means delivering exceptional results in environmentally responsible ways.

    AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paint and coatings manufacturer believes that being a responsible steward of the planet goes hand in hand with being technologically innovative. So making superior auto paint while protecting the environment is their goal every day.

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    auto body paint omaha sikkens


    Does one mean better results, and the other mean better for the environment?

    YES. Solvent-borne coatings use petrochemicals as the primary solvent for thinning the paint. Although effective, this method releases volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere during auto-painting.

    Do waterborne coatings perform as well as solvent-borne? Absolutely!

    Waterborne coatings use water as the primary thinning method, significantly reducing VOC emissions. Advanced technology makes waterborne auto paint coatings superior in performance to solvent-borne coatings. The waterborne paint coatings from AkzoNobel exceed the highest standards for car repair.


    As a Dingman’s auto body paint Omaha customer, you have already made an informed choice by choosing a collision repair center that uses AkzoNobel paint products. You can feel proud that your vehicle will be repaired with AkzoNobel waterborne coatings, paint that is fully compliant with the strictest legislative regulations.

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    For choosing Dingman’s Collision Center and helping to protect our environment.

    Auto Body Paint Omaha