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Lexus Certified Collision Repair Partner

Looking for a Lexus-certified collision repair shop you can trust in Omaha? Look no further than Dingman’s Collision Center! As a Lexus Certified body shop, we uphold the Lexus promise. Dingman’s utilize Lexus mandatory state-of-the-art tools and equipment, including computerized paint mixing and matching equipment, guaranteeing virtually undetectable repairs of unrivaled quality.

  • Genuine Lexus Replacement Parts

  • Lifetime warranty on repairs

  • I-CAR and ASE certified technicians

  • Full-service auto body and repair

  • Access to unlimited Lexus repair info

  • Current training, tools and equipment


For an estimate on Lexus certified collision repairs backed by a Lifetime Warranty, fill out our form below.

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    At Dingman’s, we can restore your vehicle to factory standards. All of this is in a state-of-the-art facility where quality and guest satisfaction are of utmost priority.

    Our technicians are thoroughly trained by Lexus and are continuously educated in the latest collision repair techniques. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology needed for the highest quality repairs. As you would expect, only genuine Lexus parts are used.

    We’ve built our brand on our commitment to providing our customers with unmatched service, expertise, and quick repairs.

    Omaha’s Lexus Certified Collision Repair Shop

    Through rigorous training, our I-CAR certified technicians remain confident and prepared for any Lexus certified collision repair that comes their way.

    We are invested in meeting or exceeding the Lexus requirements necessary to return your vehicle to its pre-accident state, from proper equipment and instruments to certified people and education. Our technicians oversee each repair, who use Lexus Certified OEM replacement parts and procedures to restore your Lexus’s integrity and safety systems.

    Whether you have been in an accident or got caught up in a heavy storm, you can count on Dingman’s for your one-stop auto body repair shop.

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    Our Mission


    Our attention to detail and craftsmanship are what have made us Omaha’s preferred choice for collision repairs. We pride ourselves on being a name you can trust.

    Trusting a body shop that is not a Lexus certified collision repair facility risks receiving faulty repairs with used or imitation parts, leading to unideal performance. Our team is devoted to helping maintain the value of your Lexus while upholding any remaining factory warranty you may have left.

    Each repair is done to manufacturer standards, meeting Lexus safety and performance requirements. Your safety will always be our top priority. We will never return a vehicle to our customers that has not undergone a thorough safety inspection.

    When you trust your vehicle with Dingman’s, you can rest assured that we will complete your auto body repair to the highest standards.

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    Best of Omaha

    Dingman’s Collision Center has been chosen as Best of Omaha in Auto Body Repair every year since 2007.

    Our connection to the community goes back for over 24 years, and it means so much to us to be recognized by our customers. Our reputation has been built on high quality work and lasting relationships.


    I have already recommended to two friends and had my positive experience verified
    by one other Dingman’s customer. They exceeded my expectations on estimate
    process, communication, cost, speed of Tesla Approved Collision Repair and communication/management with
    insurance company. Just moved to Omaha and knew there were no Tesla Service Centers locally.
    Stressed having to get work done, but experience turned out exceptionally positive! I
    have less anxiety owning a Tesla in Omaha having met Andy and Dingman’s!


    They went above and beyond with my auto repair, the communication via cell and in
    person was both outstanding. A very personal and caring and dedicated to customer
    satisfaction. I have had my other cars repaired by other companies in our community. I
    have 5 cars. I am now a Dingman customer for life, here locally and 3 other Dingman
    locations. Having new parts is what I wanted. The staff were outstanding. Thank You
    all at Dingman’s. You are the auto repairs best in service in Omaha.


    I had heard about the “Dingman Difference” on the radio but hadn’t experienced it first-hand until my recent car accident. It’s hard to put into words how extremely satisfied I am about the tremendous job your company did repairing my damaged Mercedes and returning it to me in even better shape than I could have imagined. Your personal advice and professional expertise, while not unexpected, was very much appreciated. You and your staff certainly exemplified the integrity, honesty and customer service that your company has long been known and recognized for.

    GM Certified Collision Repair

    Our Warranty


    You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired after an accident. We have over 40 years of collision repair experience, and when combined with our certified collision repair experience, Dingman’s can offer a truly incredible auto body repair experience.

    Accidents can cause significant damage to your vehicle and, at Dingman’s Collision, we understand that you want the damage repaired quickly and efficiently. That’s why we work as quickly as possible to get your car repaired and back on the road. However, we do not sacrifice quality to get the job done quickly.

    100% Guarantee and Lifetime Warranties

    GM Certified Collision Repair

    Why Choose Dingman’s to Repair Your Lexus?

    Our confidence in our precise repairs allows us to offer a 100% Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on any repairs we complete to your vehicle. This will reassure you that any repairs to your vehicle will maintain the integrity of its resale value and the safety of you and your family.


    Tesla, Hyundai, Honda, Acura, Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat, Nissan, Infiniti, GMC, Chrysler, Ram, JEEP, Buick, Dodge, and Cadillac.


    Subaru, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo Land Rover, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini, Toyota, Lexus, Maserati, and More!


    Repairing aluminum requires specialized tools, equipment, and training. At Dingman’s we have invested heavily in repairing vehicles of today and the future.

    As a certified aluminum repair Body Shop, we take aluminum auto repair very seriously. We understand that you have made a significant investment in your vehicle and you expect it to perform and last just as it did before the accident. You can rest assured that Dingman’s auto body repair Omaha can handle the repairs and give you our 100% Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. You will know that your vehicle will be returned to pre-accident performance, and that your family will be safe on the road.


    auto-body-repair-services-frameWhen a vehicle is involved in a collision, quite often, the damage extends beyond what is obvious to the naked eye. What hides underneath can be a more serious problem; namely, a damaged frame or unibody structure. At Dingman’s auto body repair Omaha we deploy the latest in unibody frame measuring equipment. Our 3D laser measuring system in conjunction with our dedicated fixture benches allow us the ability to precisely measure any vehicle.


    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an industry recognized repair process that involves the removal of hail dents or other types of damage from a vehicle’s exterior surface panels without disturbing the finish.

    In most cases, this procedure involves the use of specialized tools to apply pressure to the backside of the panel to remove surface imperfections. Some damage may also be repaired by gluing a “tab” to the exterior of the panel and pulling the dent from the topside. By using either of these techniques, the technician is able to restore panel appearance, thus eliminating the need for refinishing the panel’s surface area.

    The PDR process is often used to repair hail damage or other similar dents that occur when an outer panel strikes (or is struck by) an object that has not compromised the finish of the panel. Since the outer finish of the panel has not been disturbed, it eliminates steps in the refinishing process and may allow for more timely repairs.

    The ability to repair vehicles using PDR requires that the technician be able to access the backside of a dent. Some repairers will drill holes for access. Drilling holes may jeopardize the integrity of the panel and should never be done. Our highly skilled technicians will never drill for access ensuring proper safe repairs.

    While in most cases PDR is very effective, depending on the size, location, or substrate condition, there are risks that need to be weighed out beforehand. One of the potential risks is the cracking of the topcoat. If the topcoat is cracked conventional repairs would be necessary. Another risk involves the gluing of pull tabs to the exterior surface. Much like paint cracking, paint pulling from the substrate is a risk associated with the PDR technique of glue pulling. Each can occur in some instances, but it is rare.